NETFLIX upcoming subscription plan in 2022 : Monthly and Yearly Price in India


Would you like to Netflix and Chill on your own I’d? Of course who wouldn’t want that? Netflix literally has everything available on its platform. Whether you are a ’90s fan or waiting for the next movie release, You can easily rely on Netflix for every show ever.

Netflix is one of the biggest OTT platforms globally and is famous for its shows and entertainment. It holds almost 74.58 million subscribers globally. Although the platform is quite famous globally, The founder of Netflix mentioned that “they could not reach the expected number of subscribers from the Indian market”. After the reports, the less number of subscribers is due to the high pricing and other factors.

In order to reach and capture more markets, Netflix has decided to take upon the challenge and change the budget and the price of its plans. To know more about the Subscription plans and price read the full article.

Netflix bundled subscription with Reliance Jio

Netflix has decided to collaborate with Reliance Jio and give bundled plans for its customers. The plans and packs of the Reliance Jio along with Netflix Subscription are mentioned below-

  • Rs. 1,499 (Basic plan)
  • Rs. 2,499 (Standard plan)
  • Rs. 3,999 (Standard plan)
  • Rs. 8,499 (Premium plan)

Netflix New Subscription Plans

The new subscription plan is now available for everyone to access. The plans and subscriptions along with the price are mentioned below. Apart from this Netflix also offers a free trial to its customers for 30 days. You can cancel your subscription or proceed further if you want.

Netflix Subscriptions Users/ ResolutionsMonthly subscription cost
Mobile1 screen/ SD contentRs. 149
Basic1 screen/ SD contentRs. 199
Standard2 screens/ FHD contentRs. 499
Premium4 screens/ UHD contentRs. 649

The Basic Plans that Netflix is providing for its customers are

  1. Mobile Subscription – The Mobile Subscription Plan is for those who are always on their phone. If you also like to watch movies and series alone rather than in someone’s company then this might be the best Rs.149/month plan for you. Enroll now and Chill!
  2. Basic Subscription – The basic Subscription Plan is for all your gadgets and travelers who keep streaming on the roadways. This pack is only available for one user and also allows users to download any movie, series, or talk show. But you can only download these on one device. Get your personal Netflix account @ 199/month.
  3. Standard Subscription – The standard subscription Plan is for 1+1 couples or besties. If you are in the long-distance then this is probably the gift you can buy for yourself and the other half. Distance means nothing when you can chill together at just 499/month every night with your special someone. Enroll now and plan the perfect long-distance date with them. Surprise!
  4. Premium Subscription – The Premium Subscription Plan for 3+1 is perfect for your sports group boys or college gang who have separated their way long ago. Share the 4 screens with your squad and enjoy the best times of your life chilling and streaming with them. Split the bill of 649/ month with them and enjoy every weekend!

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